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Name: Bluetooth Car Kit
Car Products >> -> Bluetooth Car Kit

       Car Bluetooth For iPhone / iPad

       Model No.: B-368BT

  • Car bluetooth kit for iphone & ipad,play and charge your ipad, iphone through the 30 PIN plug.
  • Support call receiving,call rejecting and last number re-dailing.
  • With RDS function, can transfer the call ID to your car radio.
  • Support TTS function;report the caller number in English.
  • Digital FM tuner with LED display.
  • Full frequency, from 87.5~108.0MHZ, 0.1 MHZ gap between channels.
  • Support Line-in, automatically play the music from external audio devices.(MP3;CD player etc.)
  • Last frequency and song memory function.
  • Charge your mobile phone, MP3 player and so on through the USB port.
  • Flexible goose neck, easily reposit, convenient and safe.
  • Removable stoppers to keep the device in holder steadily.
  • High quality silicon gel on the back & sides to protect your device from being damaged

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